Conversion Kits 

Best Selection & Service 

Conversion kits can convert almost any bike to an electric-assist bike by adding on a motor, battery and controller. To determine if your bike can be converted to an electric bike, give us a call. You may need to bring your bike into our shop.


In general, ready-made electric bikes are less expensive than converted bikes. However, conversion kits offer you a custom bike, fitted to your riding needs, be it on a recumbent, a trike, or an easy boarding frame.  Conversions are also appropriate for tall riders, and riders weighing more than 240lbs.  We have experience converting bikes with 16", 18", 20", 24" 26", 28" and 29" wheels for various customers.


Typically in our inventory, you'll find kits by PHEW!, BionX, E-BikeKit.  


BaFang Mid-Drive motors BionX Rear motors e-BikeKit Best for the price

E-BikeKits offer affordable options with a lot of power packed into each kit.  The prices below do not include installation. Our labor cost is $75 per hour. Depending on bike and kit selected, it will take us about 3 to 5 hours to convert your bike to an electric-assist bike, plus parts need for your specific bicycle. (approximately $225 labor, $60 parts)


E-Trike Kit 500D

Motor: 500 watts front hub

Assist: Throttle only

Reverse option

Wheel size: 20", 24", 26"

Battery: not included

E-Bike Kit 500

Motor: 500 watts geared

front or rear hub

Assist: Throttle only

Wheel size: 20", 24", 26", 29"/700c

Battery: not included

E-BikeKit on Currie Zuma cruiser

We took a Currie Zuma frame and equipped it with an E-BikeKit. What a bike! 

  • 17" step-thru frame, 7 speed, disc brakes, frame integrated rear rack, 26" wheels

  • 500 watt rear hub motor, 36v 11.4a Li-Ion battery, 20mph max speed, 20 mile range, pedal-assist & throttle